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View our services to find out how to refer a patient for a particular service. If the service you are looking for is not listed use the Find a Doctor directory to locate a specialist in that area.

GPs have access to education resources from the GP Liaison team via the dedicated GP Update website.

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To receive notifications about upcoming GP education events and eNewsletters from Epworth Geelong, please contact Dr Anne Stephenson, GP Liaison.  Please provide your first name, surname, email address, practice name and practice postcode.

Specialist directories

Download the On site Specialist Directory or the Appointed Medical Specialist Directory.

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Find a Doctor or Specialist

Use the Find a Doctor directory to locate a specialist at Epworth Geelong.

This is a full list of our accredited doctors and specialists. You can browse by name, specialty or gender.

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Appointment to practice

Epworth HealthCare has over 2500 doctors practicing in a wide variety of specialties across its campuses. All doctors who practise at Epworth HealthCare are required to undertake a formal accreditation process in accordance with the provisions of the Epworth Foundation By-Laws.

All medical professionals should review the By-Laws prior to applying to practise at Epworth and commit to the provisions of the By-Laws as part of the application process. Enquire now and read further information on the Epworth HealthCare corporate website.

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For GPs

Epworth GP Liaison Unit has a dedicated website for GPs, please click on the button to be redirected.

GP Update online is an informative and interactive resource for GPs in metro Melbourne, regional Victoria and beyond. The website provides clinically relevant articles, education resources and an opportunity for GPs to discuss clinical issues with their peers and Epworth specialists.

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Theatre allocation

Complete the Expressions of Interest form for theatre allocation at Epworth Geelong.

The form is for doctors to lodge their interest in theatre allocations at Epworth Geelong.

Please indicate your preferred weeks, days and times for theatre, catheter laboratory and endoscopy within the form and we will contact you to confirm your preferences.​

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Epworth Geelong nurse listens a patient during a consulation
Consulting rooms
Single practice suites and sessional consulting rooms are located within the hospital. 10 sessional consulting rooms are available with a shared waiting room, located near the main entrance on the first floor. A digital directory is located in the foyer at Lift Bank A, which display available consultants to patients and visitors. Reception, medical billing and dictation services are available on request.

To enquire contact Emily Hill, Manager of Medical Billing and Practice Support on 03 5271 7736.
Clinical Institutes

Each Clinical Institute brings together practitioners across Epworth hospitals. Our clinical institutes relate to a specific disease or organ system for education, process improvement, research, auditing, and training of medical students.

A Clinical Institute framework was adopted at Epworth HealthCare in 2008/09.

Clinical Institutes
Epworth Research Institute

Epworth is committed to improving the lives of current and future patients through close collaboration between research and clinical practice.

Read more on our research approach, resources and current projects on the Epworth HealthCare corporate website.

Epworth Research Institute