Quality of Care

Epworth Quality of Care data

We measure our performance to ensure excellence in every aspect of patient care. Our comprehensive and up-to-date data is measured against national standards. Where no national standards exist, we set our own benchmarks.

Patient satisfaction: We consider every aspect of your care – your medical needs, your physical comfort, communication.

Hospital Standards: Epworth is accredited under the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards.

Clinical Standards: Epworth aims to provide excellent care, everywhere, everyday.

Epworth Geelong patient care philosophy

Our attention to patient care is unique and different to other Australian hospitals. We pride ourselves on the high levels of care we give, considering every aspect of the patient experience.  

In addition to medical needs, care includes physical comfort, emotional needs and communication. Satisfaction in these areas contributes to our delivery of expert and empathetic patient care and clinical services.

We don’t just want to provide good care, we want to provide excellent care.

We’d love to hear your feedback

It’s important to us that our patients are fully involved in the care they receive. Do you have a patient experience you wish to share? We openly welcome patient feedback to improve our levels of customer service.

Quality of Care data