Stomal Therapy Nursing

Stomal therapy nurses at Epworth Geelong help patients undergoing colorectal and bladder surgery. They are an integral member of the colorectal health care team, preparing patients for surgery and supporting their recovery.

Colorectal and bladder surgery are specialised areas of the general surgery units at Epworth Geelong. Patients receive preventative, acute, rehabilitative and continuing care as required.

What is a stoma?

During colorectal and bladder surgery, a surgeon may form an artificial opening on the the wall of your abdomen – called a ‘stoma’ – to collect waste. This stoma may be temporary (to allow the bowel time to heal) or permanent.

Our services

Stomal therapy nurses assist with:

  • preoperative counselling
  • ostomy construction
  • urinary or faecal incontinence
  • wounds with or without tube insertion
  • recovery advice and treatment