Sleep studies and disorders

Epworth Geelong’s sleep unit is a leading provider of sleep assessment and treatment. We offer comprehensive overnight studies to observe and diagnose a wide range of sleep disorders.

Our sleep analysis takes place in comfortable, soundproof private rooms with advanced, non-invasive monitoring equipment. This allows the unit’s team to closely observe a patient’s sleep patterns during overnight stays.

What is a sleep disorder?

If you or someone you know experiences ongoing insomnia and sleepiness, snoring or stops breathing in their sleep (sleep apnoea), they may have a sleep disorder. This means getting through an average day can be difficult.

These and other sleep conditions affect up to one third of the population, with individuals generally unable to regain control over their sleeping habits.

How can Epworth Geelong’s sleep unit help?

Epworth’s team of specialist sleep scientists analyse an individual’s sleep patterns, usually overnight, in our sleep unit. We send a preliminary report back to the referring physician with the results. They diagnose the sleep disorder and give treatment recommendations.

Conditions treated

  • insomnia
  • snoring
  • sleep apnoea


The sleep unit is located on Level 4 of Epworth Geelong. Access via lift A. View the hospital floor plan.


Bookings can be made by a doctor’s referral from the patient services centre:

Phone (03) 5271 7711
Fax (03) 5271 7700