Priority Endoscopy

Priority Endoscopy is available at Epworth Geelong, a service that provides fast and seamless access to a colonoscopy or gastroscopy procedure.

An endoscopy is an inspection of body organs or cavities using a flexible tube with a camera and light attached. While there are many types of endoscopy, Epworth Geelong provides access to the two most common types of endoscopy—colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

Epworth Geelong endoscopy physicians include Prof. Glenn Guest, Dr Christopher Hair, Mr David Wardill, Mr Sonal Nagra and Dr Julien Schulberg.


Prior to undergoing a colonoscopy or gastroscopy, patients will require a consultation with their GP, who will determine whether they are suitable to be referred directly to Epworth Geelong Priority Endoscopy.

Upon referral, patients will be contacted by Epworth Geelong patient services to arrange a pre-admission appointment. The pre-admission appointment provides the patient with an opportunity to meet with an endoscopist to confirm your suitability for endoscopy, receive instructions that must be followed prior to the procedure and be advised of the date of their procedure.

The time between receiving your referral to having your endoscopy is normally within two to three weeks.

A copy of your results will be provided both to you and to your GP via ReferralNet on the date of your procedure.

If you are not suitable to be referred directly to Epworth Priority Endoscopy, your GP can still refer you to one of Epworth’s leading specialists for a colonoscopy or gastroscopy, however you will need to undergo a further consultation with a specialist prior to the procedure.


Some fees may apply for an endoscopy.

The pre-assessment clinic is always bulk billed by the endoscopist.

The procedure is bulk-billed for privately insured patients however, some out-of-pocket fees may apply including the private health insurance gap, the anaesthetist fee gap and/or a pathology fee.

Referral information for GPs

GPs can refer suitable patients for colonoscopy or gastroscopy directly to Epworth Priority Endoscopy by completing a referral form and faxing it to 03 5271 7710.

Referral form
Fax: 03 5271 7710

Contact Priority Endoscopy at Epworth Geelong

For all booking enquiries or referrals, please contact:

Epworth Geelong Patient Services
Phone: 03 5271 7711
Fax: 03 5271 7710