Oncology rehabilitation

Patients who undergo treatment for cancer often become deconditioned. The RECON program (Neurological REhabilitation with CONcurrent radiation/TMZ for glioma) offers neurological rehabilitation while providing simultaneous oncological treatment.

This collocation facilitates effective rehabilitation, helping people minimise the deconditioning that often occurs during radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

It aims to maximise a person’s physical and cognitive independence, in preparation for resumption of normal life following treatment.

  1. Epworth Geelong also offers an eight week, multidisciplinary outpatient oncology rehabilitation program.  This program has been designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, regardless of whether they are preparing for treatment, undergoing treatment or have completed treatment.

Download our oncology rehabilitation program information.

Referrals and enquiries:

A doctor’s referral to an Epworth Geelong Rehabilitation Physician is required for entry into this program.

Referrals can be sent to:

Fax: 03 5271 7068
ReferralNet: eg.rehab
Email: EG.OutpatientRehabAd@epworth.org.au

For further information, please contact the outpatient coordinator on 03 5271 7055.