Epworth Geelong features a hydrotherapy pool to help manage a variety of conditions, and assist in our patients rehabilitation. The pool is set at a constant temperature of 34°C. Wide shallow steps and a hoist helps those who have difficulties walking.

Therapeutic benefits

Exercising in a weight-assisted, buoyant environment, helps get patients back on their feet after injury or surgery.

Hydrotherapy assists with

  • strength, coordination and balance problems
  • improving control and awareness of movement
  • muscle relaxation, increasing joint range and mobility
  • relieving pain
  • increasing cardiovascular fitness


The hydrotherapy pool is located on level Lower Ground of Epworth Geelong. Access via rehabilitation services reception.

Referrals and enquiries:

A doctor’s referral to an Epworth Geelong Rehabilitation Physician is required for entry into this program.

Referrals can be sent to:

Fax: 03 5271 7068
ReferralNet: eg.rehab
Email: EG.OutpatientRehabAd@epworth.org.au

For further information, please contact the outpatient coordinator on 03 5271 7055.