Allied Health

Epworth Geelong promotes an Allied Health interdisciplinary team approach to patient care, overseen by doctors.

Specialists are available in the following areas:


Epworth Geelong’s dietetics department provides a comprehensive range of nutritional services to inpatient and outpatients. This includes educational support for the patient’s families and carers.

Dietitians are available to consult on all aspects of nutrition including:

  • assessment
  • recommendations for nutritional management
  • implementation of therapeutic diets and nutrition support
  • nutritional counselling
  • education

Our aim is to assist in optimising patient health, nutritional status and quality of life. The department also works closely with Epworth Geelong’s food service teams to meet the nutritional needs of patients.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists aim to maximise a patient’s function and safety. Wherever possible, they facilitate a patient’s return to his/her previous level of function; promoting independace with personal care, home and community tasks, leisure, work and driving.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and manage acute injury, disability and pain through physical techniques such as manipulation, massage and exercise. This is available as an inpatient and outpatient service. Exercise physiologists use clinical exercise interventions to maximise a patient’s potential and aim to return them to the community functioning as near as possible at their pre-existing physical level. These programs are provided as inpatient and outpatient services.


Psychologists at Epworth work with inpatients and outpatients. They work mainly with patients who are receiving rehabilitation following an accident, or who have had a stroke or other neurological impairment. Referrals from external sources may be required. We employ both neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists.

Social work

Social workers assess the impact that the change in health status has had on the social situation of the patient and family. This is done in order for the treating team to adequately plan and organise the patient’s care and discharge based on their individual needs. The focus is on family support and community integration.

Speech pathology

Epworth Geelong’s speech pathology team are involved in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of communication, cognitive and swallowing impairments. The department provides specialist services to maximise the recovery and wellbeing of people with difficulties arising from a variety of neurologic impairments and medical conditions.

These impairments may occur following a stroke, head injury, dementia, neurosurgery, respiratory, head or neck cancer/surgery, tracheostomy and/or other medical conditions.