Epworth Geelong Emergency Department

In an emergency, always call ‘000’ first

An expert team of doctors and nurses, led by Dr Matt Ryan, Director of Emergency, provide comprehensive emergency treatment and care at Epworth Geelong. Patients have direct access to diagnostic services, theatres and a wide range of on-call specialists and referral services.

Opening hours for emergency

8am to midnight, 7 days a week


Level 1, Epworth Geelong 1 Epworth Place, Waurn Ponds VIC 3216 Enter via Pigdons Road, next to Deakin University’s Waurn Ponds campus


03 5271 7000


03 5271 7199

Visiting Epworth Geelong Emergency Department


Emergency is located at the far end of Epworth Place (off Pigdons Road) past the visitor car park and main entrance

Arriving by car

Temporary parking is available at the front of the emergency department entrance for up to 15 minutes. Follow the signs along Epworth Place to the emergency department

Arriving by ambulance

As a private patient, you are entitled to ask the ambulance to take you to the hospital of your choice. However, ambulance staff can decide at their discretion whether they can accommodate your request

For visitors

Families, friends and loved ones are welcome to join you at the emergency department during your visit. Generally, a maximum of two visitors at any time is permitted, and visitors may be asked to leave the room when a doctor takes a clinical history, conducts a physical examination and during certain procedures. At all times, visitors are asked to respect the privacy of the patient and others in the emergency department.

What to bring

  • Medicare card
  • ID (e.g.: driver’s licence)
  • Private health insurance card
  • Pension card
  • Healthcare card
  • Veterans Affairs ID
  • ID of refugee status
  • Letters from your GP or other healthcare providers which could be relevant to
  • your treatment
  • Current medications or prescriptions

What to expect

When you arrive the triage nurse will:

  • Take a brief history and perform a brief examination
  • If your condition is assessed as ‘high priority’ you will be taken straight into a treatment space for further assessment and treatment
  • If your condition is assessed as less urgent, you will be asked to give your personal information to our clerical staff
  • As soon as possible, you will be reassessed by another nurse shortly followed by a doctor who will also examine you
  • The doctor will organise any further investigations that they feel are necessary to make a diagnosis and decide on the most suitable treatment.

Emergency Department fees

Initial consultation fees

A flat fee of $230 is charged for an initial patient consultation. Epworth Geelong is a private, not-for-profit hospital. All private emergency departments charge a flat fee for your treatment. This flat fee is not claimable under Medicare or private health insurance. The flat fee may not be charged for a consultation of a patient who returns with a condition related to a recent emergency department attendance or Epworth HealthCare admission within a two-week period.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Depending on your treatment, you may also incur out-of-pocket pathology or radiology costs on top of the initial consultation fees. A portion of these may be claimable under Medicare. If you do not hold a valid Medicare card the fees may be higher. Out-of-pocket hospital fees are not claimable under Medicare or private health insurance.

Fees for international patients

An initial consultation fee applies to international patients. Contact us for more information. International patients who don’t hold a valid Medicare card will incur higher fees. Other associated fees must be paid up front.

Emergency Department features

20 treatment spaces, including:

  • 4 fast-track chairs for acute and easily treated injuries
  • 2 resuscitation bays
  • 1 isolation room for infectious diseases
  • On-site x-ray, MRI  and CT scan
  • Temporary parking for emergency patients and visitors close to the emergency department entrance
  • Car parking for up to 6 Ambulance and 2 MICA (mobile intensive care ambulance) vehicles
  • Our emergency department treatment spaces are designed to provide privacy while reducing outside noise. All treatment spaces feature solid walls and have their own TVs.